A Quantifiable Deliberation From The Medium of The Norm

May I have your attention please. I am only talking about those who do not want to see truth. In today’s world it seems the truth is wanted. No one wants the truth, as it was once said, “you really want to hurt someone, tell the truth about them.” The truth is just that. In American society we can’t be outrageous in such a manner as to deviate from the “norm” – “Whats the ‘norm’?” you might say. The “norm” is the standard social regards of an individual in the context of the society, groups, and others around their social standards. So if you are one of the deviated, one of the “rejects” or misaligned this is for you.

We don’t always ask for what we are given, but life gives us what is ours. We deal as it comes. But when searching for answers through the road of life sometimes those journeys for the truth end up somewhere that others have not been. We find ourselves outside looking in and wonder how we ever got out in the first place. To watch the show and not understand why the players are continued in the repetition and drama of it all, yet because some rope or harness has you, you can not escape. You exist in a world that doesn’t understand you and you do not understand it. These things are true. The strange and unusual are to be avoided because of the unknown and fear of it. To be kicked out of the social norms, I don’t mean the “gothics”, “emo” or other “outrageous” rebel types but the real people as individual as you or I, but for what ever reason they just don’t fit.

To those that are taken for granted, passed by, invisible, or ghostlike. To those who stumble words, to those who can’t communicate. To those who hide themselves to fit the bill, to those that cry “freedom” and seek it. To those who remember the value in visiting someone else’s shoes. To the dreamers, to the visionaries, to the indecent rebel of new ideas and ways of thinking. To those with the forethought of a future beyond themselves and their spawn. To those who died for causes and beliefs that were their own. To those who persevered under pressures, torture, or oppression. To those free thinkers who just want changes. To those who sacrifice and those willing to be themselves regardless of the “norm”. This is a hail to all of you. A tribute to an understanding. A statement of creation and a testament to the world outside. Stand tall, be proud, you are seen.

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