Speak of the Devil….

Who am I? I am someone to challenge your thinking, someone who plays the “Devil’s Advocate” and in some people’s eyes possibly the “Devil” himself. I am merely someone who challenges thought and thinking so you face the other side of every choice. That is key, there is always a choice. What we choose makes us who we are, what we don’t choose influences who we are, but ultimately its how we choose to react to those influences. Without bad we would not understand good, without loss we wouldn’t have value, without pain we wouldn’t know health, without sadness we would not comprehend happiness. Once again it is only through a necessity that the “Devil” exists, but really there is no “Devil” merely an Ego within that challenges us.

My own thought is that the greatest trick the “Devil” ever pulled was making you believe that he and “God” are two different people.

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