Devil is in the Details

In thoughts and dreams of emotions spent, lost art and traversed highways it seems like it is all behind me. Taken for granted at the time and things I should not have done. When the past is a ghost haunting your life and making that way you’re supposed to have been you still are who you are and not who you should’ve been. You’re stuck forever trapped in the mistake of things that were made.

Is it possible to move beyond the stains and the broken fragments that are now missing because no one should go where I have been. Is it a fated destiny of Hell that finds me contemptible and damnable, and make it forever a strain to continue to bare the burdens of sin? Should I continue forever in shadows and lost in a fog of despair and ruin. Do I have a place of solitude, a place of sanctuary from the respite of my past? No, I face it when sleeping a slumber that all must sleep. I face the nightmares of revenge and of past events that will never reoccur. The events that I can not change but must accept, both the happening of it and the consequences of them.

The faces of spirits that play games with my mind and decide to swarm down like vultures on prey face it each day. Valkyries of wrath swooping down is just in the imagination and guilt. I have no feeling of guilt, just the awakening. Just something beyond understanding and comprehension. The broken sword still has an edge but it isn’t as effective as it once was. The blood of its victims has rusted the battle worn blade only too long broken and too long aged. The thoughts of what was done are past, locked tightly back away but not far enough. I will face it again.

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