Imagine if you will…

Take a moment to let everything you currently know go. To stop believing the things that you believe. Take just a moment to do that before I begin…

Imagine if you will for a moment that there is no real formed deity called “God”. God is energy, as are we all. God is also a consciousness set on a frequency that never stops, and never is lost. We all reach that frequency and we all have a variable to our own frequency of energy. (Mind yourselves this is laymen terms) With the idea of God being a being of not only good but also bad, just as we ourselves are capable of both. The moment of creationistic actions, whether they be the evolutionary chain through which time passes without measurements. Or whether it be the more whimsical ideals of churches methods of the “Adam and Eve”. It is still a matter of we are here obviously. As our consciousness is set into this form we are bound to the “laws” that are pertaining to it. That includes unseen laws. Such as, every action has an equal and opposite reaction, we don’t always observe this. Especially in our lives.

We go around our lives trying to pretend we know the answers but in reality we are just confused ourselves and cling to the ones that “feel good”. There are other answers and by no means is mine the only one. But for a moment imagine that “God” granted us the ability of choice. “What is choice?” “How do we make choices?” We all would ask. The answer would lie in having opposition. Once again the necessity of the role of evil or the “Devil” so to speak. Convenient that without the role of evil or negativity we would have no opposition to good. We would not be able to make a decision.

So, dye is cast and the world set, we conveniently go about our lives making many, many, choices. Some small, some huge. The fact is that, again, we are bound by laws unseen too. My choice can and does ultimately effect your choice. If I choose to walk in front of your car, you choose to stop, run me down, or swerve or some other alternate choice. This line of events can be that small or be very long in the round about ways and eventually come to. But my choices are tied to yours. We are all tied to each other which also ironically enough created consequences, both good or bad, consequences.

When we realized good and bad consequences people often strayed from bad. Shedding negative light towards them because emotions drove them to not like the way it felt. It takes people away from happiness. It is something that tore us down. Etc. No matter the bad it was always struck with such negativity that it was deemed bad or evil. Yet we forget the necessity of it. When we try to run or hide from our problems, the problems end up finding us. We can’t hide ourselves from trouble, but instead we should be embracing both our good and bad choices. Finding a balance in ourselves to create a better harmony of ourselves. How do we do this? Simply by accepting the fact that you make bad choices to learn the power of choices. You will continue to make bad choices to continue to learn. We will continually do something that isn’t okay, and yet we are stuck to saying that it was so wrong. Now before I get blown out of proportions let me iterate – There are WRONG things in life. We “normally” know these rules without having to be told. Through abuse and mistreatment this can be broken and skewed. I do not advocate the actions of the depraved. Merely stating that they too are part of the necessity of life and choices. There is far more too my principles and thoughts than this but if you want to know feel free to ask.

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