The Devil in Art

Art is expression, pure and simple, the expression of self through drawing pictures, writing, music, movies, etc. but the fact is that we are a culture of art lovers. We eat it up in droves and follow its’ every move. We adore it, cherish it, cry with it, make it ours and frame it. We plunge into it, and think of it. We create works ourselves giving in to the desires for self-expression and putting our hearts, minds, and souls to it.

Though not everyone’s taste is refined as our own we find criticism and faced with rejection but it is the price of expression to face accusation and judgment. We are the people of expression and making things known to the world. More work has been put out since the development of Internet and technology than ever before and expressions have never been so free. Define yourself as you may but the truth of the matter still exists in the matters of the cost in doing so. Be free of expression, whether you’re sexual, or whether you are enamored like the masses by religion, whether you are the liberal, or the dominant political, art is expression. Express who you are.

My art is here, my art is on the web in various forms but the fact that I share this with you, that I give my story and thoughts to written words and messages only seems to relay the importance I feel in doing so. Sometimes we don’t have the canvas to paint, the page to write, the moment to seize, but sometimes, just sometimes, you can cling to a hope that if you do get to do so that part of you can be immortalized.

So, as I compose this piece, this work, and other works of invention, and myself, I thought about the legacy I would want to leave. If I should leave anything in life, what would I pass along? I want the message spread, the thoughts of my life and where I have been, the moments of my life where I was inspired. I want to inspire others to think beyond confinements and to take the world in their responsible hands and make it something better than I could imagine. To break apart things because they need understanding and to not simply judge the world in blacks and whites but to accept both for as they are and move on to greater heights. I want to leave the legacy of thoughts.

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