The Devil’s Design

The design of life is tragic and twisted forms that delay and halt best laid plans. Often it is portrayed in movies and T.V. that the villain is always beaten in a game of good versus evil. Why is this? When reality shows so much difference in this than that. For those of you who wish to pretend for the sake of the innocent that the world is still Walt Disney or some similar standard, are faced with harsh reality when life comes knocking. No wonder things of this day have been reduced to mood stabalizers, mood elevators, uppers, downers, stimulants, and narcotics galore. Life is staring you in the face and when it does I don’t want the innocent to be afraid, I want them to look back and ask. “is that all?”

I want the generations to come to look beyond themselves, to look at their lives and know that they will also have a legacy. I want them to know that their lives are their own and never to let someone take that. I want them to know that the battles of life are worth fighting if you’re willing to challenge yourself to fight them. I want to show my little one a horror movie and tell them, “You see that, never give up.” Tell them to, “be smart but face your fears, because if you are afraid then you will be afraid the rest of your life.” The last thing I ever want is for them to fear. I want them to understand each other and not take things for granted that may or may not be understood. Life is lesson after lesson, never quit learning. Explore, explore yourself, explore others, explore the world but never take for granted the time to sit back and relax. Live. Be yourself, regardless of others. Never take a choice for granted, and always consider the consequences before you decide. If you’re going to do something you know is wrong, then be smart, and don’t react rashly. There is more to the human mind than we know and comprehend. Open your mind to all forms because you never know where an answer for you may come from. This is a legacy for mine, to teach them that reality is both harsh, violent, dirty, beautiful, elegant, and a huge pain in the ass, with the added punch to the face. But no matter how life is received I want them to look life right back in the face with the greatest smile they can muster, and reply, “Is that all?”


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