I could not think today…

I could not think today, I couldn’t remember, I wouldn’t recall, and I wouldn’t forget. It was there for a moment on the tip of my tongue, but is lost in the haze. I told myself not to forget, but it wasn’t important anyways. I thought I had it figured out but it isn’t what it was. Like a changing, ever flowing momentum of sticky words. In some days I may for future reference remember to write this down. It is one of those things that you lost when dreaming or dreamed while fully awake. Things are surreal as the statues play and all you see is space. Where did it go when I was there before, and couldn’t find it the last time I went. Where space and time have lost the relevance in mind and all I can do is think a little more. What is the crazy and insane or the is there a line between where the mind shouldn’t have been? I do wish I could make something click, like a clock with the cogs all spinning but it doesn’t turn the hands, and time is once again irrelevant, you only have what you get.

I make mention of thoughts that floated away, I promised to revisit them and set them aside but it was that one that I had forgotten, maybe by pride. If it was important I would remember but I feel like it was, something special that I had forgotten how to say. Like someone calling and left a message, but the message was from me to you. I just wish I could remember that one thing, which has no descriptions and no name. I know it was important now, but I lost my sense.

What was so important, that someone should read forgotten literature just to make it through? I don’t know and neither do you, but as you question this writing, maybe it has been a game of who is playing who. You second guess and turn for a moment wondering if I have been there all along. It is scary to continue any more wondering what is next, maybe a knock at the door. Well, there are no worries, I am not there, but I still don’t remember what I was going to tell you…

One thought on “I could not think today…

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