Welcome to A Circle of Hell…

What kind of persons would deserve the fate that would befall them to a damned existence? Think for a moment that it is not God that judges you. No, not I nor anyone else. Imagine when you release yourself from this particular existence that it is through the unification as we join the flow of energy in the cosmos. Through becoming another drop in the infinite of energy then you also know as it all knows. Everything is clear. You will know everything, from everyone’s perspective, you will see as they saw and feel as they felt. You will know what you did, and how you were. You will know and you yourself will also understand more than you can comprehend now, and in that greater understanding you will be your ultimate decision of fate.

With that said where is Hell? It is places on this planet; it is in the streets, and in people. It is what we are doing to ourselves as a whole, Hell is a place of people with a face that stays smiling but beneath is a crumpled and broken interior that won’t let anyone know. The smile stays and things are picture perfect. Though through the lies and self-denial it becomes this play of actors for an unwatched show. This isn’t just one family but many, the manicured lawns the “Green Acres” and “Leave It To Beaver” even “The Andy Griffith Show” of worlds. Where even families like the “Brady Bunch” was managed. But here is reality dishing it out, that somewhere a child got molested and killed. Somewhere a girl is taking abuse from her father, and it isn’t just physical. Somewhere a marriage is ending in craze because the view of the outside world needs them to stay together for family sake and ends in tragic consequences. Where because of the pressures to conform to a standard that one couldn’t conform to it caused him to break psychologically and end up in a terrible fate for him and others. Pretending to have a picture perfect outside, while inside the underbelly is viral and collapsing. Pretend you don’t see it – that is Hell. Pretend that just because it wasn’t you on the news doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. Pretend that it’s just you. Smile and wave, pretend for the outside world to “accept” you.

Sure this world isn’t the best. I do however find beauty in it all, I just have twisted and contorted my pleasures. I smile knowing that one day they will come across something that they thought they understood, and it will be something that may awaken them, or it may be just the thing to send them to a new Circle of Hell…

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