The Devil and Ego

Everyone has an ego, an id, a devil inside themselves that tempts and prods, and it uses emotions and tricks of all kinds to get its way. It will even project itself in figments of enemies. It will make you believe it is you. It will do all kinds of things when faced with a fight for control. So how to combat something we can not see, nor do we really hear, but if you take your thoughts and spread them as voices, Then you can find the one in them that isn’t really you. Where the one who tells you how to feel, when really its your choice how you want to feel. The one that tells you your worthless or when you should feel vanity, the part of yourself that is meant to balance us out but you have to find your own balance. You have to figure out what you need to do. You are the controller of both yourself and response and nothing would seem to drive you further from that than Ego.

Ego is a villain of trickery and then the master of using your own mind against you. It knows your weaknesses, it knows how to get you in the worst possible spot, it can deceive you into feeling fear, it can control your moods and make you feel what you don’t mean to feel. We all have a devil inside us, and it is up to us to stave it off. To control the beasts within and tame them to be controlled and stopped. But it is our decision….


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