When dealing with life we are all faced with all sorts of obstacles and obstructions in our paths. Whether it be lack of funds, time, effort or something similar; or whether it is the inability to do so. It isn’t the obstacles that make the real difference it is how we deal with them.

In my life I overcame obstacles that prevented me from moving forward, trying to prevent me from making my path in life. My first obstacle was what I thought was my parents. When we are teens we try to usurp the control of ourselves from our parental figures. When we balk the authority we find ourselves under consequences throughout life. It isn’t the authority figure but merely the authority. We have rebelled the way things were, and in so doing it changed how we do things. We pretend it’s our parents or the law, holding us back but in reality we need this limitation before we loose control of ourselves, and our lives.  So in effect the real way to overcome this obstacle was to accept it, there will always be authority and rules and regulations to live by. Accept that you can not change this and you will move forward beyond this obstacle.

Another such obstacle is my own personal mental state. I am diagnosed as ADHD, Bi-Polar Type II, and have psychopathic rage. Quite the mouthful isn’t it. Many people face their mental states and are faced with the constant challenge of it. How to overcome your own mind is a hurdle that many will fall against. Our minds are always running in some form or another always able to say what to think, how to think, and what to think. The whole trick of this obstacle was to face it, to understand my own Id as Freud called it, also known as the Ego. We must not just separate ourselves from it but also to understand the ways in which our particular Ego can manifest. The only problems in this are, you will never stop facing it, battling it head on, in a constant war of the mind. The more you face it and control it the better things can be when you do.

The third and final obstacles of life are people. Whether it is friend or foe, it is people that we do not have control over at all. People all make their own decisions, and often when they make their mind up it’s concrete. We can’t make anyone feel the way we want them to, we can’t choose what someone will do. We are faced with the idea of survival when dealing with others. Through out history we have felt that its me against the world. A fight for survival, but this isn’t the case as it was 400 years ago, or even 30 years ago. We are moving to a new age that is far beyond even our comprehension now. We can’t imagine what the world will be in 30 more years. Technology keeps moving forward in leaps and bounds, and everything else changes. People will always make the deciding factor for others, and they will decide a fate that you may not want, or enjoy, or do. In the end the obstacle of others will always be an obstacle. How to surpass this obstacle? Accept the simple fact that everyone is free to live their lives, they all get to think how they think, and feel as they feel. It may or may not be in direct effect of you, but in the end does it really matter? If you’re faced with the actions of someone else’s doing than understand that they made a decision that effected you, but they never made your decision for you. Take the knowledge of your own decision behind everything; be responsible for what you choose because you may be the obstacle for someone else.

In closing, these are just three of the basic obstacles that people face, including myself. As I mentioned before, it is not the obstacles themselves, but how we choose to deal with them that make the difference. How you will choose to face your obstacles can change your entire life.

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