The Choices That Changes

                                    A Significant Event

It is always is interesting to look back and see where choices have taken you. How if you had made some different ones than how different your life might have gone. I made a choice that changed the rest of my life, and as I look back, I am not completely sure I would do it differently.

            In my parent’s home there were plenty of rules, most of which revolved around the religious belief of being LDS (Mormon). No “R” rated movies, was definitely one of them. I knew this, and at the time of my being home, it was temporary and on the basis of following the rules. I knew the provisions to my returning home. (Yes, I was kicked out prior to this and returned home with the conditions that I did as was asked, I had done so.) I had been working till I was hit by a car and broke my ankle. I was laid up in a cast for a few months, during which my parents brought a TV with a VCR to my room. It was just a day after I cut my own cast off cause I felt I could walk fine now and it bugged me to have it on. My step-mother, upset with my actions, went to investigate my room and in finding a rated “R” movie in the VCR she told me that was it, the last rule I would break in the house. Then she informed my Dad to my mistake.

            My Dad, sobbed heavily asking why I just couldn’t follow the rules? He told me that I knew the consequences and yet I did it anyways, so now he would be forced to follow through with this. He didn’t know what else to do, he and Sue (step-mother) decided that I had to go. I couldn’t live at home anymore, nor did I have anywhere else to go, so my father drove me to the Rescue Mission Homeless Shelter. It was about 11:30 at night when we arrived. My Dad walked me up with my suitcase and backpack full of anything I could pack that I may need, and when we opened the front door, he told the desk clerk the story. The desk clerk told me to go on upstairs and find a bunk. My Dad gave me one last hug, and left. I went upstairs to find a bunk, and there is a large room filled with bunks and strangers sleeping in them. Some of the faces watch me as I roam trying to find a bunk. I didn’t know the ways of the world; I grew up mostly in an LDS community so this was a drastic difference. I found a bunk than gave my clothes to the desk clerk, who had come upstairs to help. He gave me some pajamas and told me to shower before getting in a bunk. I did as instructed and when I climbed to my bed that night I wept till I fell asleep.

            My Dad didn’t come back to pick me up, nor should he have. I made my choice and knew the consequences of my actions. I knew that I made my decision and in so doing I set my life onto a path of the darkest road. From there I did things I am not proud of, did things no one should do, and made other bad choices. I have struggled many times, from sleeping outside in below 0 weather, to facing the people who would rather rob me than help me. I made my decision; my responsibility is to accept the consequences of those choices.  

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