The Thought

What promotes creativity? What drives man to think outside the box? What is the spark of creativity and initial thought that lends to something amazing? Is it the series of coincidences that suddenly through random chance the mind breaks the convention of human thoughts prior and an epiphany light bulb. Or is it the idea that someone through series of life chances is kicked from the convention of normal thoughts and thereby becomes a “Dreamer”.

I am not talking about the dreamer in a fantasy, but somehow the world they see is not the same as any normal person does. For instance, my life has been altered by the situations and things I have seen, done, and overall experienced. Through the tinted lenses I see a different perspective than you. I see things maybe similar but the way I perceive things would probably scare the normal person. The way my misaligned perception is I continue to wear the proverbial “sunglasses” but behind them is someone who is thinking differently. I wouldn’t dream of going into details about my thoughts, but believe me they are different. So much so that I refuse to talk about them.

So, maybe my vision isn’t dreamer but that of the nightmare. Trauma and life have turned the vision to something different. Now, going back to creativity. What happened also made me create. In my reveries of thoughts and thinking. My quiet self has made observations, and notes, as well as thought about things deeper than most dare to go. Have I found “The Truth”? I answer, I found mine. But what I created was a story, with the help of Raziel Winters, the story is going to contain things that I have thought, the story of a character who shares my mentality in three different segments. Life, Death, Rebirth. Book I, II,III.

Creativity has been sparked because of things, experiences, and life in general. I don’t claim to have the “genius” status. Merely an average person seeing things much differently and much of what I write is only part of that vision. This is the reason I write. Share a thought…

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