Liars and Hypocrites a Circle is Set for You

In American society there are the liars and hypocrites that continue to exist in flourishing and profound number. They like to believe that we are so blessed and anyone thinking different is a “sinner” on the way to Hell. I would be the first to admit there are worse places than a small city in America. There are places where children starve, and people die, there is bloodshed and warfare and depravity and horrors unknown to the American, but one thing that these fools tend to forget is that to “survive” American culture is a whole different story. Although, an American need not worry about their food, they instead must worry about the society and the standing within. If you appear to be poor in America it is harder to get ahead, where if you are clean-shaven, and clean cut you have more possibilities. Where what phone you own can be a romantic partner or not, where you’re standing in a society judges you daily.

Things like this are just parts of American culture. Many would also say they don’t think that way. When looking from inside the covered fishbowl you aren’t able to see outside just the water and the murk within. Image is everything, and in America if you don’t have the right image, then it is harder. I am intending to complain about this, it is better than even I realize. Yet, what I intend to say is that in this quagmire of shit and vinegar slopped together to make some form of childish sandcastle. Here under the belly of the beast, or , if you prefer, behind the proverbial curtain; is a festering disease of anger, misery, pain, loneliness, tortures, and more. Put a mask on your face to pretend it is all right, and good, and wholesome. Put a mask on to lie to everyone that you’re not having a shitty time. Because if you don’t then you will be looked at strangely, you may even have someone call police and they come to make a mountain out of a mole-hill of a bad day. (Not to say they don’t occasionally be there for the right cause) Even then, what happens after years of people wearing masks and hiding things behind the proverbial curtains is people become liars, experts at deceit. Hiding true feeling and emotion, hiding themselves behind masks and portrayals of how the world “should be”. Games played with emotions and feeling, so smile and wave to the person you hate.

Life shouldn’t have to be a masquerade of public view, we shouldn’t have do dance around truth because they can’t handle it. We shouldn’t pretend we care when it isn’t the fact. This is hypocritical behavior. Portray the fake because it is socially appropriate. Beneath the cosmetic cover and the perfect overlay is a festering wound that continues to bleed. Pretend that it isn’t there but sooner or later like all things, the wound will cripple, and either be severed or die. What we hide is our pain and anger, we hide the unconventional, and the unknown, we hide ourselves. Following a fear of the darker side of things, the darkness becomes pitch and will encompass all. Welcome to another circle, and as the sign above the door, abandon all hope…



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