The Moment

What if there is a moment in your life where an answer stares you in the face. You may not even really know it’s the answer, but even some part of you knows. The world is surrounding you and suffocates you and those you care about. With the world on your shoulders how could you possibly carry another? It is like the flower that is budding, you cannot tell the flower how to blossom into a flower, nor can you tell it when.

Now comes the moment, it is in front of you and staring into your eyes. Begging you to seize it. You’re afraid, of crushing under the weight and pressure, afraid to step any further. You deny it because it isn’t time.

Here is the question of reality – How long will the moment continue to be there, before it becomes passed and it is a missed opportunity? What if, because the flower didn’t realize time had come and gone to blossom, that the winter comes and the flower never blossoms. What if that moment lasts only so long and for whatever reason you choose to ignore the signals? Like someone running a stop sign didn’t realize there was a sign there, for whatever reason the sign was missed. How long (in this case) before it becomes too late? How close are you in reference to the sign?

In mystery and shrouded by metaphor is the truth of this revealed, but in reality, things are just as convoluted and complex. Life’s mystery is that you may not see it, a moment may pass you by and you didn’t know. There may be a time where it is looking directly at you and begging that you seize it, then without realizing you let it pass you by.

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