Carpe Diem

Seize the Day, take a moment and take hold of everything in it. A chance is not passed by, an opportunity not missed. Easier said then done, but once in a while you must take it. Life doesn’t hand you everything, and nor should it. When you see it, you must accept it, take it and embrace it. Life is short lived and although it could end at any moment you must embrace all of it. The agony and the ecstasy of any of it because without either, neither would exist.  In a moment it could end, and the moments that were taken for granted would be lost. Collisions of emotions and thoughts, war of internal and external forces, the dazzle of light and darkness, it is all at your fingertips. It all floods through your system as senses align and create your perception, but your perception is not the only one. Last chance, take it all in, and don’t forget to make it all something more, something better than it was, something that will be remembered.

Never forget that you are not alone, never forget that you are one, and it takes one to make a difference. Life is impact, what you do matters, who you are affects others. Remember the moments that you could’ve changed, to see the next that you can. Remember the people that influenced you and your decisions because you are influencing someone else and their decisions. If you fail, don’t give up, just fail better next time, till you find success. If it isn’t in you do not worry because it’s simply not you, and you have the chance to shine somewhere else. Glow. Be brighter than the stars. Take the time to remember the light is only bright because of the darkness surrounding it. Sometimes in the darkest hours is where a light can shine brightest. Hope. Hope for the future, hope for others, hope for yourself, and hang on to it because without a little hope is death waiting to claim. Face your fears, embrace them, your heart racing and terror gripping, it is in that moment that you sense the most, but never let it control you. The more you think about overcoming fear, the more it will take a grip and hesitation will hold you back, just jump. Leap from the precipice and embrace the fear because if you don’t you will never know the thrill of the leap. Have faith, in what you do, in what you believe, in what matters, and in others. Even if you’re let down in constant form, don’t give up hope that someone else may prove your faith is true. All of this will come in a moment, even this one right now as you read each word. Take the moment and seize it, it can be yours, it can be. All you got to do is reach out.THE DEVIL'S TRIBAl

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