Have You Ever…

Have you ever done something wrong wishing you could take it back. Wishing to reverse the way things went, change what was, and what wasn’t a good idea. To hold back a moment and change the way you reacted, change what choice was made. Chance the second, or stop it before it happened.

Truth is we can’t. We can’t take that moment back, we can’t unsay things already said. We can’t undo past mistakes, but instead we have to try to learn from them. It isn’t just as simple. The mistakes that we make can be insignificant, or entirely life altering. Doesn’t really matter when you want to change it. We learn from them at our own pace and through our own ways, sometimes we never learn. No matter how many times we think we got it right, some mistakes just keep happening. We find pain, sadness and failure in result.

Yet, here lies the magic of humanity. Most attempt again and again, very few people give up. Those that do, I do not think less of, burdens of mistakes are heavy and sometimes they can be crushing. When invested in life, love, work, family, whatever, the more investment involved the more a mistake can cost. We hurt others, we step on toes, we kick in the face, and say “sorry”. Like it meant something more than words. A mistake takes things away too, trust, loyalties, friendships, love, respect, etc. It is important to know those consequences. Cause sometimes they may be just a little harder to bear.

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