The power of Voice

It is interesting how much of what we say matters. The way we communicate is of so much importance because it is the only way to understand one another. To efficiently communicate helps for clearer understanding, and the irony is most of what we communicate isn’t in our words, but body, and voice. We say so much through this and don’t even realize, many people subconsciously pick up on it, and react in counter. The problem is though, that what we do say isn’t being taken as responsibility.

The words “I Love You” do not carry the weight it did if someone never said it. The responsibility of what I say should only fall on me, and not on anyone else. What I say, matters to those who wish to hear it, and to those who don’t then they choose to react their ways. However, what is said is still important, and even more so when written down. We live in a society that is ever changing and flowing, and we are all a part of it. Writing on blogs, forums, emails, facebook, twitter, texting, etc. There is no greater truth than to know that what we communicate matters, as well as the ways we communicate.

With written words there is much room left for interpretation, and in so it becomes hard to define the clearest messages. Especially when put to word with a strange and foreign dialect. What about when we tell people they are stupid, retarded or messed up, how much impact it can make? People have been known to define themselves by the views of the world around them, and this has shaped them. Some have changed due to the words others have said, and some changes were not good ones. The words we say have impact, no matter how we say them. They influence or change, or make a difference, they break, destroy, or scar deeply, words we say are only surpassed by our actions, although what we say is more commonly noticed. In this rambling even now you’re taking something of note, making some thought form inside your mind, simply by reading words. What thought is driven? What voice have you? Are you willing to take responsibility for your voice? I know that I take responsibility for my own, and I do, however, feel that my voice should reflect solely on me and not to anyone I work for, or otherwise. My voice is a product of my perception. My voice is mine.

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