The Dream worth waiting for…

Sometimes we can find something in life that goes deeper than we ever imagined. Something that can pull everything out of you. Be it the worst, or best. If you find this moment in your life you hang on. But this moment isn’t something you can grasp. It comes naturally and without pressures. It comes because it is free to do so. You can not make this moment come. You can’t search for it, it will find you.

    I call it chasing the dream. Like a carrot dangled before the cartoon bunny on a treadmill. We chase the dream often blindly. We chase it at the exposure of ourselves. Some will chase it into drugs, some alcohol, others can chase it into other darkened corners. We will chase our dreams and hope to catch them. Keeping hope alive for another, more bright day. Is this dream reality? Will it ever be, if we don’t reach it can we be content?

     We chase it before we realize we are. Hope you don’t chase it into the darkest heart. If your dream follows in darkness, then it becomes that much more twisted by the world that will come. You will find yourself twisted and contorted by the affect that the darkness has on you. If you become twisted by the events that unfold in the dark, you may realize that your not chasing a dream but a consistent nightmare. But how we got there is chasing the dream. 

Some things no matter how they may seem are illusions on the way to the dream. Some will fade like mirages and you’re left with the sand as your company. Yet you continue to chase. If you stop than all hope is lost, if all hope is lost then there is no living with that. So does everyone else, they chase and chase, few reaching, some obtaining pieces, but we still chase. The dream is our own.

    Many years ago, mine shattered, shattering me in the process. I chased a dream to a nightmare, and followed beyond. I saw the face of death and I have seen demons in humanity. I woke in darkness, and somehow traversed a way back. Somehow I see a dream, but am haunted by the nightmares. I hang on to a thread in this. Clinging my way back, and now I follow a dream. I question if it is futile, and ought I turn back?  Not if it is my dream, my dream is worth waiting for….

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