The Ones You Can Not Save…

In this world many hold out hope on some people. Hope that they may find a better path, hope that they may change, hope that they may have something they don’t have. Sometimes that hope is lost, futile and broken. That hope that sparkles in the eyes, shimmering like little stars trapped behind the choices and reflections of others. Swallowed in the abyss of space.

     Some of those souls are like a sea of drowning people all crying out for help, for salvation, and desperately clinging to you. Unknowing of the darkest parts you tread, they can pull you under, make you sink into the murky depths and find yourself in misery instead of the bliss you had hoped for. Sometimes life will get in the way and choose for you. A path you didn’t want to go but find yourself on anyways.

  The sad truth is we must endure these paths alone. Always is there the sea to traverse, and in that sea is the ocean of people waiting to pull you under, some to save themselves, some just seeking a little more air. Even in their desperate attempts to fend off drowning they cling to the boat tearing it to shreds and pulling it beneath the surface and drowning anyone falling victim to it.

   The river Styx, Charon asking for a toll, you traverse dangerous waters and beware the currents. He will ferry you across for a cost or you take your chances among the waters. If you’re able to pay the ferryman then a word of warning. As you cross you will see many that you can not save. That although you wish to protect, help, or rescue, sometimes there is no chance to save the both. Instead you must release the hopes and desire to do so, and continue your path. There are some you can not, will not, save. You will not save them the pain, despair, emptiness, sadness, fear, anguish, hatred, violations, and curses, You will not save them from their own torments, they must choose for themselves to truly be saved. Most the time though these unfortunates are those who will pluck out their own eyes before they will face truth. Blind eyes see no evil, and believing ignorance is the excuse to do so. In some cases, life forces the weight and pressures to fall into the river itself, treading water. For those too it is a risk to even save them for they too are among the damned. 

    Mourn the loss of those who could not be saved, cherish the ones who made it, believe in someone who has a chance, but remember those who can’t be saved. You can merely wave and watch them drown.

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