Think About It…

Have you ever witnessed the wake of your actions? The moments of observations and being there as the repercussions of events that unfolded simply because of your choice of actions. These events sink in with heavy weights as you watch the seconds pass by with no turning back. You’re hands are tied by the fate defined by you. Things in this world are not as they seemed to be and reality of consequences sink in.

A little story of example. Not in the extreme, although anyone would know the extreme cases in which lives are changed by single actions, I am asking about the ones you may not have noticed. The insignificant ripple of reactions from your own action. A fast food worker, does their job in what is supposed to be 3 minutes. 3 minutes is maximum time for someone to be waiting at a fast food restaurant for their desired order. The fast food worker pumps dishes out with the assistance of the crew order after order, some faster than the three minutes, sometimes not. Either way, it is his or her job. You as a customer come up, and should that employee make a mistake – do you have patience? Do you blow up at them because they screwed up? A million orders that employee goes through. A million orders that could be varied and changed, ultimately a million ways a mistake can be made. They may bring you food that isn’t what you paid for, give you more change than what was intended. What do you chose to do, and do you really understand that there are repercussions to what you decide? If you dine and dash, run on the bill, do you understand that you have affected someone directly by doing so?

The fast food worker could be reprimanded, which would then affect the outlook of performance, and then a wave of events are only increased or decreased by little decisions after. The wake continues to ripple, maybe because of other dine and dashers the waitress’s performance was already in jeopardy, and your decision to not care about the consequences of your actions and leave someone else to them. As the waitress returns home with a heavy heart and labored legs from the two jobs, which because of the loss on a check, she is relieved to only one job. But one isn’t enough to take care of her son. She enters wearily and looks at her son with a tears in her eyes, she asks, “why?”.

Why? Cause someone decided to take their decisions without a thought to the effect of their actions. Why? Because the consequences of actions are not always seen, and they may even indirect. The consequences are what continue to persist. As we grow up we make choices and decisions that continue to ripple, over the centuries the choices of others have still continued to ripple in profound and unnoticed ways. What we choose to do, our own actions have more consequences than we may intend, we may realize this when the event is major. Getting in the car drunk and hitting some child, carrying a gun and shooting someone in a heated debate. Things like this are hugely re-percussive in the wake of the event, effecting on large scales. In the United States of America; Timothy McVeigh made a decision that impacted lives in such a profound way that it was noticed by millions. These events should be examples of what decisions can turn. Although grandiose in the case of McVeigh, our decisions on the small scale will have a shock-wave of influences.

I imagine that when you die, you see every single person, every ripple, everything that you did and changed in the world. Through unfiltered lenses you see as they did, you feel as they felt and understand the truth of the repercussions of the actions you took in life. In the end you will know the truth of the wake of you. So I ask again; have you ever witnessed the wake of your actions?OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

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