Remember the Little Things

In this world it is so easy to forget the little things that make it all worth while. We are so involved in current events we forget to smell the proverbial roses. When engaged in activities and in the flow of everything about us, do we stop for a moment and take it in? Maybe just standing there for brief moments letting the moment take you. Maybe it is a shared glance that is between you and the one you love. Maybe it is the raising of your child high above your head and the smile they have on their face. Maybe it is the moment of solitude in the snow field between you and nature. Maybe it is the scene where your friends have gathered and you miss no one there, and they all laugh and share, and this makes that moment. Whatever your moments are, do you remember them? Do you really take them in?

    I know I don’t. Some of the most impacting on my life, have been the ones that were the most hard and trying. The ones that make me remember why I am on the path I am choosing to be on. I remember the pain and anguish, the trials and strife, the times I was broken and crumbled, I remember them as well as the ones that meant something special. The ones where I held someone dear, where I felt the cold nipping at me and being alone among the trees and knowing that soon I would be cozy and warm. I remember times of past, and look for them in the future. I try to hold on to the little moments, making time slow to a crawl in them. Then I am able to embrace it. Take it in, and for a brief moment, I got to live.

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