Crossing Lines

We all our lines in the proverbial sand. The lines you don’t want people to cross. The moment where you say enough is enough. The question is whether or not the line is close to you or so outstretched, how far is it that someone has to cross before you make a stand. For some that line isn’t even there, use and abuse and they don’t have the line. They will continue to be abused. I am not one of those.

For everyone else, those who chose not to become victim and make a stand. Sometimes this direct action is magnificent, honorable, or heroic even. Sometimes this can be your own pride stepping in the way of what reason is before it. When one gets to be so prideful to be arrogant this will only intensify the reactions to crossing lines. Invisible lines. Unspoken, undeclared lines, though there is a common standard among any society, every culture having different grounds for standard. But cross these lines and the reactions can be enormous.

Ego, the sense of self, and that little voice that you don’t even know isn’t necessarily you, but a voice of self. To become even somewhat enlightened is to define the voice and separate it from reality and reason. To stand separate from the idea of its you against the world, and actually look at things with reason and understanding. This is difficult, but when you do this also you end up moving your lines in the sand, and if not careful erase the lines completely. Yes, there is such a thing as too much kindness, too much generosity, too humble, too trusting. Where does the balance lie? This I can’t answer for you, nor could you answer for me. We find our own truths of the balance. We should ultimately seek truth, of ourselves, our needs, our actions.  Not let the need of our own self preservations and self denials, those selfish thoughts of running, hiding, or betraying the truth, get in the way of reason.

Let alone let it push you into something that may end up damaging others for the sake of your own value or ideal. This is a pathetic reason to steal from your friends, to take from those who have given to you, to betray those who gave a damn. These are a small fraction of my lines, that one shouldn’t cross. I feel pushed all the time to watch out only for my own selfish desires. To be better is not always to listen.

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