Lives on Lives

In early times of man and civilization the numbers of man were managed by nature, by creatures of the wilds, by whatever sickness overcame. Now we prolong the life of an individual to a point of cellular degradation that often causes helplessness, fatigue, and a whole slew of other issues to resolve with possible medications, vitamins, or dietary plans. Prolonging life as well as increasing in mass numbers. I wonder what would be even 200 years into the future at this rate. And through a curiosity an understanding was revealed.

   Currently we go about our lives and do what we do, with that said, what you do can make impact on the world around you. This would be thought to be fundamental. Yet, when corporate makes decisions because of numbers calculated to a page, it impacts more than the man who ran his 60th hour on an electric line and made a mistake. Do we honor our competition for its abilities to be competitive? Or are you sneering beneath the pale veneer of a false smile? Do you make decisions on how you impact others? Let alone when dealing with the impacting 2 million in a particular city or the 6 Billion across the globe all making evidential impact on the world around them. Knowingly for some, based on private games and sometimes with little concern for others.  Many are the naive few who don’t realize what they do is changing something. Impact. The amounts of an impact has no time limit, may last years, may last seconds. but they instantly seer into your personality and in your mind. Think of the amount of people we deal with daily, and then ask “Why should I care?”; “I don’t know them. They don’t know me.”

  This mindset was constructed as we began to increase our numbers, before we relied on the neighbor for our protection or for assistance. Now, your neighbor doesn’t care because you’re just another neighbor. A faceless figure that was there. Occasionally connections distinguish the face of the faceless, but even these connections provide greater risk to an impact occurring. Rationally the other person doesn’t matter until they matter. Yet they matter because they too are impacting the world around you. So, something to think about, I suppose. 

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