A World of Fear

The majority of the world has a common ground in one area. Fear. We either insight it, or are victims of it. As a whole it seems that those who are the victims are always going to be. Fearing anything in this world can crush you, your dreams, your aspirations, everything. There are some who are frozen with dread and terror, some are merely unable to admit they are afraid. Some people charge into the fray with courage overcoming fears, but this doesn’t necessarily mean they are free of it.

    When you’re someone who incites fear, it’s is because both there is a fear inside, and because you believe there is power there. And in some regard there is. Look at the United States Government, its citizens are afraid to cross the lines because it can mean years of imprisonment, or other possible consequences. There is an underlying theme that seems to ooze beneath it all.  So many are afraid of loosing power or of those with it. Fear is in everyone’s hearts. Everyone is subject of fear, those that control themselves against it find action where another might not. Fear is, and has been, a tool to shape Kingdoms, and Empires, and used as a method of control. Such a unique diversity of the thread of emotion that is fear.


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