Happy Halloween, or for myself, “Happy Birthday”. The one night a year that many get to be more free to be themselves, to let go of certain hang ups and broken roads, in some ways the mask is hiding more than just the face. Yet, the actions of each individual are released from bounds to rule like demons among the shadows of the night of Samhain. Girls release inhibitions of a variety dressing scandalously, or hiding their femininity, which ever they prefer. Some guys just go wild and all out, and some just use it as an excuse to be wild and crazy, to go to the extremes and feel wild, some hide behind a mask pretending they are someone terrible and scary. Some will not even participate in festivities and will close their doors and pretend that they don’t miss it.

    Supposed spirits and demons are also free to roam and cause havoc, and make their way through the realm of the living. The pathways are open, the anticipation of the night is in the air, and every year many look forward to it again. Unlike Christmas, where its said to live all year round, maybe that is where I see a little freedom in being me. I live like it is Halloween all year round.

   That doesn’t mean I paint my face, or wear some disguise, but instead show the truth of me. I am a manipulative asshole, a jerk, a mean sonovabitch, and yet maybe one of the most honest people you may meet. I will show you what you deserve. I will reciprocate in kind to anyone who chooses to meet me, I will not be what you expect me to be, but inside I know I am “Malice the devil”.

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