Visions of Depravity & Destruction

Bare witness to the carnage of man long enough and you will see the world wither and die. Bury yourself beneath the bones of others and pray that there is no Hell, yet you already know that Hell is here, it is the existence around you. You have created it with your pain, misery, and regret. You’re kept there by fear, fear of unknown, fear of the challenges, and adversity. Fear of failure before attempting. The drudgery continues to fall like the dregs. Plummeting to the bottom of bottles much like the vagrants that populate the cities. Standing on a street somewhere asking for your money.

    Spend long enough around the depraved and you don’t believe anyone’s facade. Everyone can be as wicked, as false, as untrue as the next. Just give them the right circumstance, the right reasons. Everyone can, and likely will, show you the darkness that is in them. The betrayal is really a matter of you’re inner darkness manipulating you to hate them, when you’re not innocent either. Look in the mirror and see a grim image of what was once your youthful innocence lost and faded, or broken and shattered till nothing remains. 

    Wear the darkness as a shroud and follow the pathways to Hell and you’ll see that the true misery is inside your mind, and it is inescapable. You become a demon, a devil, among the others, playing the games of manipulation, deceit and power. To prey on the weak as if it proved strength, and to challenge God like the Devil before you. “Fuck God,” you say, and with pride and arrogance behind the snot that is still lingering in the upturned nose. Look in the mirror and see that there are just more fragments of you and me, and many others that have created you, because you chose to be this way, you chose the path.

    You made the decisions that brought you this far, you made the choices to react to the situations as you did. You’re to blame for the mistakes you’ve made, you’re at fault for the world crashing down around you. You’re responsible for your decision to be the way you are. You are the only one that could choose a different road. You are the only one that can look inside yourself and see the ways to change, do you make more decisions to follow the damned before you? Do you continue to follow in their destructive footsteps? Or do you choose a different path? Is it too late to go back? Is it ever too late?

    Join the millions, nay the billions, that put themselves before the other. Pretend to crucify themselves in self-righteous pity. Pretend to live the doctrine life, while beneath the rug lies more than dirt. Imagine that you’re different from the chains that bind, and pretend you’re not just another link in the chains. Dream of moments where you forget what you’ve done, take those like candy and then forget the moments you were wrong. Where selfish desires and impulses were the control, and you made your mark on someone else’s skin. They will carry it on to pass another on, and like scars we just become more badly disfigured. Until you’re unrecognizable and forgotten all but the darkness. Which will haunt you till the day you finally pass, and pay your penance. 

    The world is ugly, dripping of sadistic and masochistic desires, that we all bare. So bare witness to the depravity and the destruction that is man. Fallen, but like an angel, is there a glimmer of light, maybe it begs to question, “Is it too late to turn back?”    

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