Devils and Angels, and everything between…


I have been through things. Things people shouldn’t have to go through, or do. I have witnessed horrors and suffering, I have witnessed pain and agony. I have felt them. I knew the differences between right and wrong. The differences between what someone should or shouldn’t do. I have my own codes. Lines that weren’t broken. Laws. Though what I found was that in the darkest hours I was ever sinking in a quicksand that I couldn’t see. Intangible, and built by my own doing, my own perceptions and thoughts creating the void I was falling in. The Devil was there. I was him and he was me, we both worked in tandem like the semblance of waltz. One, two, three; one, two, three. While we danced, we talked, we spoke of my actions, what I was doing and what I can do.

It asked me if I wanted this. To which I replied, I don’t know. Like a reflection in the mirror he being me, smiled and laughed. “No one does.” I didn’t understand, but now I see. We all make decisions hoping for better results, looking for the best we can. Although we can be completely off on how or why, we really did think it was best at the time. We are unable to determine our future, and if we could many decisions would be different. So, we guess, we don’t really know. No one knows what they will receive when they make a decision, so could they honestly know what they want? I took something that can not be given back. I took it without regard, because in my design it was best for my survival. Damned be everyone else for doing what they do without thinking of the consequences. So, I sent them to Hell, sent them to their damnation and I was a hand of justice that brought souls to the Devil. Who then acted as Justice and gave to them everything they deserved. Am I evil? Some people think so.  Am I a saint? Some people think so. I don’t believe I am really either one. I simply am a devil blazing my own path. I walk my own path now, looking into those around me, peering into their souls, and should the darkness see itself again. The mask will fall.

I believe in the angels that are out there. I don’t mean so literal. I mean the more proverbial sense. Those of pure heart, and mind, that they truly are positive spirits. Those people that shine and light up the world around them. In the darkest hours it is those souls that run in to help, or save, that fearlessly risk their own to save another. The souls that make anyone smile because they have the healing spirit to mend the broken. Sometimes there are those whom help without regard of being noticed, or thanked, who do so selflessly and anonymously. These are the angels I mean. I have found a few, but not many. Those I have found I dare not tread, for I may soil their proverbial wings. I don’t believe that many see them for what they are, but those that do are forever touched by them.

In closing, remember the Devil was once an angel, fallen from grace. Maybe fallen from light, but not forgotten. Maybe he symbolizes a reminder of the reflections of ourselves. In the mirror and out, what we see is still ourselves, just different versions of one. Look in the mirror and face your own truths. Look into yourself and see if you’re a devil, an angel or something between. Look inside and search your own truth. Fearful, and difficult, I looked into my mirror, and I admit, I didn’t like what I saw. I spent years in effort to change. And it will be the rest of my life in efforts to continue. I was Rōnin.

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