The myriad

“Problems, problems, how you gonna solve them; man I am going crazy trying to deal with these problems.”

-Rappin’ 4-Tay

What is it about the obstacles we face? Why do the seem to be impossibly challenged sometimes, and others is a laugh in the face. Why is it we can look at someone else and think we know how to solve theirs, but when it comes to our own we are so blinded by them? What makes you think you solved someone else’s problems? Life is intricately complex, yet not. Unsolvable only by our own limitations and hesitations. We hold ourselves responsible, life has its roll. Life is the immutable. Who you were born to, and from there the infinite of possibility lay at the feet.

Everything then begins to shape you, change you in little ways that will forever shape who you will be. But you always had the choice of how you’d react. You didn’t know it, but you did. Always. So life was and is in your control to some extent, but when looking in the mirror you see that all responsibility for your problems rely soley on you. You inevitably chose this way, to dive into this or that, to sacrifice what you wanted to sacrifice to get what you wanted to get. You made this your life.

Now, some might question, well if this, or if that. Once again a myriad of possibilities. The ifs are an infinite guess. A waste of time, dream all you may of what if but dreams don’t change the world. Nor will they invoke the change necessary to push you into changing it. No, you must direct yourself. As always. You must want. Desire. Then it inspires passions, which are stronger emotions, use anger to propel you past your competition, to try harder and be better. Anger is strong too. Use your love as a reason why. Love yourself, love your family, your true friends, your life. Love. We are capable of control, and the only thing stopping you is the myriad, and an epiphany.

Like a spider in a web we are all trapped in the myriad of it all. We have lives and desires, but problems will continue to drag and hold and even attempt to stop. Some problems are the worst, the ones unseen, that blindsided hit, the knife in your back, the kick to balls and from behind. These are the hardest to take because they are usually the kind that break you or at least change your life.

When faced with that are you the weak that break and crumble beneath. Are you the warrior, who takes it and keeps moving. Are you the fallen and desperate for someone to pick you up? To save you from the miserable existence of life? The only salvation you will find in life is through your work. Your labor and efforts. You will be a slave for yourself because that is what it takes. Do not ask anyone to save you, if you believe that then you’ll never be saved.

There are a myriad of possibilities that can happen, that have happened, that will happen. Will you crumble beneath them? Will you fear them? Or will you look back and see all the hurdles, all the mountains and cliffs you climbed so far and say, “I have come this far.”

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