Thanatos comes for all…

Thanatos, Death, the Grim Reaper. Such a dark and bleak connotation toward these. However much like the Devil, a misrepresentation of it all. You see, we all must meet the end. We must leave this world. What happens after (if anything) is the great mystery, but what we know and is a consistent reminder is that we all die. We could question how we go, violently, tragically, or peacefully. Death could catch us when we least suspected it, or maybe when we know our time has come. Sometimes we sent the invitations and made action to beckon his arrival. Yet really, deep down the truth is, death is release. 

     A release from the binds of life. Although we won’t be around physically to see our loved ones, or to care for our personal matters, we are released from the confined existence that we struggled through. Life has been just that a struggle, no matter your age, no matter your life, it has come with your own personal struggles. The struggle to live also came with its share (sometimes more than it’s share) of pain. We go on in the means of survival and endurance to go on in life. Some quit, and they too struggled. True agony for these deep and darkened souls, an agony that called to Death for the release. Tragic but true. So, Death is in these times of release from pain and agony a savior of sorts. For the aged and elderly, they await it with sometimes abandonment and left for dead at homes around the country. They await it and yet still fear it. I have found often the most religious of people are also the ones that fear death most.

    Fear death? Why? I don’t understand why anyone would fear the inevitable, the fated and slated, the true and ultimate end of this life. Animals, plants, humans, even eventually planets and suns will all die. Without death we know no life, if no one died we wouldn’t comprehend life as it is. Through the various means of which Death can come for you, gives you more to know that you should be appreciating what you have for tomorrow it may not be there. It shows you that sometimes there is no saving someone except through the hands of that which is feared. This is the most frightful for someone to endure, tragically someone releases their own desire to live and gives up. When this happens those who bare witness to it are torn, often left broken and bare themselves. Stripped of a life they once knew, and taken bitterly away. How does that work as help? Why would death be a good thing then? Because, we make our own Hells, sometimes our Hell is inescapable, we can’t even see anything beyond the pain that we’re feeling. The darkest part of our pain sears our brains and everything is swallowed including the light. Imagine for just a moment that this was always.

   You felt it to be always, everyday you wake is a plunge into the depths again, and when you sleep you can’t help but wish to sleep forever. You are weakened, physically, mentally; just plain exhausted. The burden is so much to bare that you can’t seem to take it any longer. Death comes. Would you see it as something dreadful and scary? I doubt you would. Again it is release. Even to those whom it took without expecting, the accidents, the crashes, the crazy events, or the violent unknowns. It really came without expectations but it still snatched them away, and selfishly we weep because it means away from ourselves. Yet they will feel no more stresses, no more pain, no more trudging or worry, death came and went. You are left to deal, and in your loss you weep and mourn, you cry many tears and hang on to memories, and clutch at the thoughts. When the answer is simple, you just need to let go. Let go of that which can not be changed; let go of the past. We all will meet Death, and find out the last great mystery. We all will see an end, and be released. Maybe they will be there when he comes, maybe you will find they were there all along. Maybe you won’t exist at all, but even then you wouldn’t be aware to worry about it. Death is my friend, I have come face to face before. When my friend finally comes I will embrace it, give him a hug and a smile.

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