My Dreams


I have so few these days. However, this one is special, it is the ultimate ends. I dream that when I die, I will find the answers to God, whatever they may be, and face myself at “Judgment” when God asks, “How do you think you did?” I want to say “I want to go on my own.” Like children that grow and learn, sometimes it is necessary for them to become adults and leave the “nest”. I want my own path.

You see I believe we are all Gods to our own will, the only difference between God and human is God has no consequences for his choices. Tied universally to everyone’s choices, and actions and interactions, it becomes the most intricate design that even would make the weavers of the tapestry of Fate weep. So, in truth it is our choices that are free from anyone. True Freedom is in your own power to choose, but only in the “mortal coil”, so to speak, are we tied to them. “Shuffle off the mortal coil” and free yourself from the tapestry. Then what do you choose. Me I choose my own road.

I want my own world, to see people, grow and evolve and make choices, to maybe choose to be among them, maybe offer the chance to visit to someone else. Make the cycle that God started, and watch it grow within the infinite universe. It is such a grand design one would only have to glimpse it to really marvel at it all. But I wouldn’t be taking away from it, no, I just give it a different chance, a different world, a different dream and one that is another dream….

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