The Game

It is funny, confusing, and heartbreaking. It is magic, and electricity, and anguish. It is gloriously beautiful and can be hatefully ugly. It is poetry, symmetry and yet chaos. We dance on a precipice seeing how long before we both fall, or one falls first. Strange that it should be such a guided dance between two souls. 

     Through perceptions and kaleidoscopic lenses, we try to shift and manage our ways as we learn each other, and the unspoken silence that lingers in an unknowing action. Do you move, not move, do you show this or that, do you tell them this or that. As if concerned that if the other thinks less than hope is lost. True or not true, as any case may be, it wasn’t about what they think. 

   It never is, it is about the connections, the invisible strands of energy that bind, that sew themselves to another individual in indescribable ways. The idea that we aren’t and won’t be alone. Too long in our own mind. We reach out hoping to embrace the connections. Through distorted perceptions of jaded past time, maybe you don’t reach out, maybe afraid. Maybe too afraid to see when something is in front of you. Maybe not.

   Yet we persist as we fall to play our games, tests, and observations, quizes and the like. Relating to one another and trying to place common ground. Though in truth there is none – you will never know their shoes anymore than someone knows yours. However there can be understanding, or even imaginations pursuit for understanding. The game continues as we plummet, who says it first?

   “I Love You.” Those 3 powerful yet overused words. Three words have changed lives, and destroyed others. Three words that is like a solemn vow, if spoken can’t simply be taken back. Nor is falling first, or failing to either. Sometimes we play only to collide into the asphalt, jarring our very core. Shaking our psyche and sometimes shattering it apart. 

    Do you dare to play again? Try another round, take another gamble, or try to play it safe? There is no safety in this world from pain, for it is necessary, needed for the understanding of value to happiness. Do you risk yourself one more time, to dance the merry edge. To fall in the clouds and possibly find yourself flying there. Maybe you won’t. Maybe you will. Care to try again?

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