The Devil’s Rejects

In life it rolls over and over. The hard rolls, the ones you wish hadn’t come up. Then there are those times where it not just rolls bad – but sets you back, so far back you’re looking from deep deep. That moment where the darkened mind is at it’s worst, desperation and fear begins to set in. Bring it all down, and watch the rest come crashing. There is no saving it. Nor respite, you must accept the cards fate has dealt and bring to face everything that was sewn.

Sometimes you need to believe in something, something to hold you together. Something that makes sense. You cling to the hope abandoning reason, and think, “just maybe…”. What if that hope you desperately cling to is not your salvation. Because really it isn’t, never was. But what if that hope turns on you like a viper in the cartoons? What if it suddenly dissipates as if it was never really there to begin with? What do you do then, you fall back. Arms flailing and trying to grasp for solid thing to save the fall. There isn’t anything there, further you fall to the abyss, only to sink into the Styx. Where the souls clamor and claw for salvation, for their hope to come save them. Miserable failures, and broken souls, the destitute and deranged, the sick and depraved. The lost and hopeless. All gather. Welcome the Devil’s Rejects.

You are falling among them, drowning in the river as life courses beyond. If you do not act quickly, decisively, and without regard, you will not be released. So you must realize you had the choice all along to continue, or to do something. Even when it seemed like Hell and you didn’t want to stand, the effort, although ultimately great, may be worth the reward. But never ever forget that the odds are in favor of the House. The rolls are just a choice away, watch your next step…

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