Out of Sync

We have begun to loose complete touch with our humanity. Filling in gaps in words and texts, messages, tweets, shares etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. While opening the door of world wide communications, we are trying to further damn the floodgates and control the information system. Meanwhile, it is the New, Improved, Exciting advancement in technology. The _____, fill it in. Buy it now, before its too late, buy, buy, buy. All day everyday the consumer market is flooded with messaging like that. It has become so much involved that people don’t really notice how much they are being bombarded by advertising. Yet we cling to the phones that brought us texts, internet, music and more, like a junkie with a fix, it is a life-line. Without it, loose it and you become lost, confused and bewildered. (Unless you plan ahead).

Either way, you’re a part of it. Everyone is. Hooked into a system of words on screens, and have become so accustomed to the interactions on screen, that they forget how to be approached in life, or how to approach. Living in CG environments sucked into the world that isn’t reality, because let’s all face it “Reality Sucks”. So, why does it have to, some try for conscious effort to succeed and make it, and find utter happiness in their lives. Why not you? Because we’re not all on the same roads are we? What was granted for one, may be taken from another, you never know. A truth is that we are being blinded, and placated to continue another day. We struggle to scrape by, knowing I have enough. Meanwhile, you can’t see the hidden division between you and the upper class, nor they to the lower. Easy to see a quick immediate difference, but neither would understand either one’s world. Yet the upperclassmen you’ve all elected to run you, has just known his troubles, what do they know of being a single mother of three, and not given opportunities. Or the convict, who made a mistake that cost him more than the rest of his life.

Another truth is, we are ignoring each other. Content in our little bubbles, and little circles of influence. Our perceptions become minimized to a screen, and to what is being fed. Like babies waiting for the little airplane to pour your nourishment. The world crumbles and we so quickly forget, because someone important is having a crisis. We are driven to see what is told, because people see what they want to see. So are you glued to your screen? Locked into every word? Look up, look out, look at the world around you for a moment. Did you? If you did did you notice the world is no longer looking back? Or if it is, does it have a menacing glare, an ominous vibe, does it call for help? Sometimes, I just think we’re all just out of sync.

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