Christianity vs The Devil

“The greatest enemy will hide in the last place you would ever look.”

– Julius Ceasar

To the believers in Christ, I ask you a question reformed from a book (Memnoch the Devil) that I will now prose to you in simplified manner. If you are a believer in Christ, then you must know that Christ had Angels sent to him, he spoke with God, (or was God (depending on belief)) He had something that no human on the face of the planet truly had. Truth, The truth of an afterlife, the truth of existence and of everything behind the proverbial curtains. This is something no one has ever really been given. Sure, there were prophets but if we went by everything a “prophet” cried, then we would have chaos.

    Going back, now that you understand Christ knew about God. Knew, not believed, but knew, how much of a sacrifice is it to die? To bleed? To suffer any mortal suffering; when you know there is a promise of eternal reward? I mean honestly ask yourself, set your religious bigotry aside for one moment and ask yourself. If you knew God existed, and he promised eternity in heaven. What wouldn’t you do? I mean really, that’s like someone in reality walking up and saying I will give you a Trillion dollars if you would… Right. Now you see. It isn’t so hard to suffer when you know there is freedom from it. Something no human has.

   With that said, now I beg you to look back in the ages past. To the spread of Christianity, and the forced coercion of masses. Is it really a question of why it is the predominant faith? Because all other competition was crushed. Whether by the hand of the church it’s self, (Crusades & Holy Wars) or by the hand of fanatic believers of other faiths, Nazism. All other faiths weaken in comparison to it’s crushing hold on majority.

       In the name of religion how much blood, carnage, and horrors been done? Some religions say they mean for peace, and love, while the world doesn’t co-exist. It can’t. It shouldn’t. (Another topic for another time.) Yet the God-fearing man will still dislike someone, and eventually be the human we all are. Some religions hide their disastrous ways, crushing souls and people with subterfuge and smiles. (i.e. Catholic Church molestations, FLDS, LDS.) You do not know the pedophile among the white shirts and ties. You wouldn’t know the issues that someone who hides from the “sins” of the world will eventually be tempted to do. Oppression has a way of pressing out something, usually not so good. Through all religions I hear the words, “This is the true faith. The true Church. The True Word. The Truth.” When why does it seem like I should fight so hard to believe “the truth”? If it were, it would make sense. (And for whatever reason it seems to make sense to you. Okay.)

   So, let us finally revolve around one last question. What if “God” was really the Devil? What if the figure behind all religious beliefs was “the Devil”? Making you adversaries to those of other faiths. Adversaries to being open to change, and other truth? What if it was all a perfect show, a mirage making you believe he was “God”? Would that change everything you believe? Maybe the reality is, there is no Devil, and maybe no God. Maybe it is just all in your mind, and the real opponent is yourself.

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