The Black

I have looked into the eyes and faces of evil men. Men who have committed murder, tortured, and yet these men either are remorseful, or they aren’t. But these men do not scare me, nor bother me. I have no care for them or their so called “depravity”. It is the others. Irony is that it is all around me. The people who lack any consideration. Those who lack even the slightest regard for sense, and simply just do not care about anything but their own motivation. The ones who when you walk by, they talk shit, and then worse types are the ones who think they are something because they carry a gun.

The stupid ignorant morons who walk as slowly as possible, but they will idly take up the entire walkway, or worse yet stops dead when it should be clear that people are in motion all around. The fool who is texting on their phone while one hand is on the wheel. Really? I mean is it so hard to wait till a stoplight, or pull the hell over? Apparently so. The ass who makes your entire job more difficult because they simply don’t give a shit. So you bust your own ass because if you don’t then the shit falls your way. The prick boss that yells at you in front of customers saying things that make you sound totally ignorant or stupid, when it was simply a mistake. The cop who decides that you are just the person to take his shit out on, so you end up where you didn’t want to be. While a judge who hasn’t a clue, makes a decision that could change your life. The girlfriend who is amazing for the few months then suddenly doesn’t just spin 180 but goes bitch psycho. The fucker who came into your life and when you thought you could trust them, they destroy your life. These are the people that make murderers seem like true people.

Why the hell would i say that? Maybe because they accepted that they are black, they are paying whether they admit it or not. Though they all know just what darkness is. They all live in it, as I do. But when darkness treads into a world of light, after being stained by the dark, the world around them is blacker than black. Those in the “light” can’t notice because thats all they simply ignorantly know. But those from the true dark, the ones whom seen horror, the ones who have struggled, who have worked for every inch, those who have broken, or been broken, they look into the light and see it for what it is. Black in light.

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