The Masks I Wear

v-for-vendettaThere is always more to the story behind someone’s eyes. Mine are no different. Look beyond the cool blue exterior, past the cornea and the iris, beyond the eye itself to the mind beneath. In everyone is a crack, chipped away pieces of a soul that exists beneath. These little definition that give to character of one’s depth and understanding of our chaotic world. The world has made scars, made places stronger, and gave a honed definition of the reality of our lives. The truth is further we all are trying to hide these. Hide our natures, hide our weaknesses. Hiding behind masks, chameleon-like in its advocacy and definitions. The masks hides our truth, or darkness, our self.

Mine, is one of extreme importance. I will see you, clearly, and understand you, reading you like a book. You won’t even know how fast I will gain information about you, and my mask is what I will show you. You will see a mild mannered, nice and kind individual. Smiling, maybe laughing, and willing to give you all kinds of reward. You will get the sense I am just another good boy, clean and proper, maybe from somewhere cultured. Well spoken, well rounded and completely in control. Calm and collected the mask will finally wear thin. Because beneath the surface is a boiling furnace of hatred, and rage, of darkness, and unquestionable will.  The mask I give is one of class, and refinement, because I am of that, I have respect and loyalty and expect that. I look at the world and hate you for your repetitive lives, and the idea that so many are blind to exactly what the hell we are all doing. I hate you because you don’t even understand that because of your personal perspective that suddenly something is wrong or right. There is no wrong because without it you wouldn’t begin to understand right. You have no idea that the world around you is because you let it be this way. All of you continue to let the world revolve and pretend that everything is a damn movie or television show starring you. Oblivious to this, and totally needing that recognition, my own writing this is just another form of this. Our ego stroked sufficiently enough? Maybe you get tired of the real fact that you’re a slave, or worse. You continue to repeat and repeat, only because for a few hours of your day you get to go home and maybe take off a mask. If you’re not still wearing another there.

Lets all lie and pretend for the sake of other’s and our children, so they grow to be either more cowardly and never face the reality, or they get the hard ice cold splash of what reality is. Reality is hard, its harsh and it is in your face everyday. The more you try to paint it another color, lock it away, or pretend it doesn’t exist, the more it will come to you. You wear your masks, and change them to suit your needs. But don’t judge me for mine. Beneath mine is this hate for the way it is, and the injustice we do to ourselves and each other. Beneath mine is that hate bottled behind the mask, because society deems certain reactions, and emotions negative. So don’t show them. The more you push, and control and think that there is no devil beneath this mask, the more you will see Malice and what it means. I may finally tear away this absurd mask, and face the reality for what it is. Start a revolution and make something you never wanted to see.

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