Break on through…

Barriers and walls encompass all forms of humanity. Both the visible and invisible. There are always the desires for privacy, desire to keep secrets. The most personal relationships are the ones with fewest secrets. Some people cover themselves behind them and are afraid to step out. Hidden behind the barriers of both the physical and mental worlds. Estranged from society, or maybe to F’d up to bear. Does it matter?

When I was very young I understood one concept. Without words, I would not be able to communicate what is in my mind. What I didn’t realize were the appropriate filters between. When to say something, and not. Tact, and uses. Let alone tones, inflections, and pauses and their meanings. Then you add body language, and inadvertent behaviors. These are clues to who you are. It is a window into you. Without you’re noticing the walls are suddenly rendered useless. If you’re really good at reading someone, then there is fathoms of information that can be obtained. But you read too much then two things occur, one the person realizes internally. Suddenly their comfort levels have dropped and walls shoot up. There is something we protect with everything we have. Ourselves.

Why? Why the barriers, the covers, the hiding? Is it because we all have to lie about ourselves. We have to hide our selves over and over with daily precision. We are to the point that we have to hide emotional states in the workplace, or we have to hide what we feel in public. The truth is everyone hides for one reason. Fear. So in order to break through to anything I am talking about. One must face fear. Not just once, not just big ones, but all fears.

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