Lines & Boundries

Everyone has a line. Do not cross. Simple. Why oh why are there always people willing to cross it? To step on toes and push boundaries? The sad fact to those willing to cross mine, I promise they’ll see Malice. Or the face of the Devil. Those who purposefully, willfully do this are antagonists. Bullies, and the like. Since I was young they faced it one by one, and I didn’t stop there. To continue into fight after fight. I wanted them to try, but that was before, before I knew what it really meant, and where it got me. Before the darkness.

After emerging, I came up for air. I set my lines close. So close one must intentionally break them. I then unleash the demon, unleash Hell, and fury and rage, and ill intent. I break the barriers that only my choice built. I choose to re-build them, I chose to be better, to do better. And that means being a better person. Sometimes I have had to walk away, because it wasn’t worth it. But then where is that line? When does something become worth the fight? Money? How much? Principle? For what principles in what situations? You must decide yourself. But I hope at some point you have a line. You have your do not cross. Because if you do, you will find the devil too.

But a warning. To those who think they are king. Gods gift. Battle born and hardened. Death comes for you just the same as any. You may cross the wrong line one day, and that may be your last. It may not even be a line you can see. It may be the barrier between a man and his freedom, or a man and his love. Who knows, so make your choices count for something because everyone has a line, and if you don’t you should. Fight back.

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