Never underestimate the human capacity to adapt. The world we perceive is full of twists and turns, or even the full on loop-d-loop. Everyone will survive. Until one day they don’t. In this little rule of life is a simple showing of our ability to adapt. Go from one extreme to another and adaptability is only a question of time. Some are resistant to change. Unable to move from comfort zone, they resist any movement outside of it. This will eventually be a battle of willpower, but often ends up crushing the victim into their own mind and they stop interacting with “reality”.

Others are quick, fluid and agile to adapt. Quickly out maneuvering the pitfalls of the former. Except this in it’s self is also it’s own. Because their comfort zone is ever changing always needing change. The comfort in no stability is a freedom, but when freedom is the environment one is comfortable in, than stability is further from possible.

So each an extreme. Each a side to which is a possible negative and positive. We all choose them. The kicker is, the truth being, life will always have it’s own plan. You can’t be prepared for every outcome life will throw. You can’t be ready for everything that comes. Sometimes these are little challenges, little events that bend and curve out the little elements of your personality and perceptions. But it’s the big ones. The life changers that effect you deeply, carving out and taking pieces with it. These are the great ones that wake you up screaming, “what the ****!” They will invariably change you, drastically, and without your permissions. These moments are the death of the old you, followed by the adaptation, the rebirth of a new you. These can impact someone so greatly they are never “reborn”. They falter, stumble and stay broken because it is just too difficult to go on otherwise. (A lie they tell themselves so as not to leave the comfort zones.)

The resourceful, the intelligent, the wise, the survivor, the doer, the go-getter, the hustler, the soldiers, and more push on through those impact moments. They will push themselves beyond the change, beyond the void of unknown and into tomorrow. What difference is there between these and the ones who falter? Simple one answer. Choice. They choose to continue despite the hardship, they choose to maneuver their way despite it. They suck it up, take a deep breath and step forward with a release. Sometimes all you can do is dive in. Submerse yourself to it, accept your fate, and push forward. The ones who don’t make it, chose to believe that it is too hard. Well your anatomy, your body, and mind has built in to it an extremely incredible ability to adapt. Sometimes all you need to do is let it.

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