A Warrior’s Way

The truth as we see it isn’t really seen. It must be uncovered, revealed, to be seen. You won’t know someone is being tough because they won’t share their complaints. We hide our truths. As a warrior’s way would be, to take what is given, accept it with grace, and to endure beyond comprehension without uttering a word. The warrior must face what is coming at him, or her. It may be frightening, down right terror inspiring, or even the stuff of nightmares, and face it without flinching. A warrior must accept his, or her responsibility of actions. One may never understand what their actions may do, but a warrior would understand that their actions have consequence. A warrior must understand that consequence and weigh it. Sometimes actions must be taken, other times the action is inaction. A warrior must know what battles to fight, and which to walk away. A warrior doesn’t flee. A warrior isn’t just strength, or power, but grace, and fluidity. A warrior isn’t always strong, but knows weakness. A warrior bears through hardship like a rock, while weathered and chipped away, the rock remains. Thus the core of the warrior will remain.

A warrior must seek truth, before seeking justice. Justice is nothing without the truth. Injustice is to be stood against. Aggression isn’t always an answer. Fear is a tool of the mind, don’t let the tools control the warrior. Words have power. The mind is both the weapon and the weakness of any warrior, guard it well. A warrior’s heart should know love, and not fear the expression of it. Nor should they sting when hurt by it. Everything brings meaning and value to everything. A warrior doesn’t need to be noticed, or to prove anything. Because, a warrior knows who they are, and what they can do. A warrior embraces the pain, and soaks it in, knowing that they are alive in it. A warrior also knows the dangers of pain, and acts swiftly. A warrior doesn’t need to kill, but will kill if needed. A warrior doesn’t seek a confrontation, they end confrontation. A warrior may argue, but must accept when they are wrong. A warrior must accept that they can’t always do it all alone, sometimes they should accept help when offered. A warrior must stand independently before they lean on anyone else.

A warrior isn’t always a warrior; a warrior is a human being who chooses to be better than they were before. Strive for an excellence that is an example instead of looking for an example. A warrior doesn’t always have to be anything but themselves. A warrior may get injured, even broken, but a true warrior is the one who eventually gets back up. A warrior doesn’t need a master, but should understand others may have more wisdom, or knowledge and heed their advice. A warrior must know his or her limits, and challenge them to become more than they believed in the first place. But a warrior also knows their limits and knows when to let go before it does them damage. A warrior is always respectful first. Fear is not respect. A warrior is willing to aid those people in need, but willing to cast off those unwilling to help themselves. A warrior shows generosity, and appreciates what is offered. A warrior shows manners, but doesn’t mind getting dirty. A warrior knows what they stand for, believes in, and cares about, and lets others live their lives freely. A warrior must know that there is always hope, because without it is only despair. Hope, like truth, must sometimes be uncovered. A warrior shines a light for others that cannot see, but will hide in darkness to see.

A warrior is a Ronin, a samurai, a Viking, military, and civilian. A warrior is someone who embodies these traits and exemplifies themselves in them. A warrior doesn’t have to have always been a warrior, but decides when they will be one. When you choose this as a path, it will show you what you’re capable of, whom you are, and what you do. It can reveal truth because you will accept nothing but the truth, and face it with a dignity that says, “Yes, I did that, and I made it through.” One way or another, the hardships faced by choosing this is never easy. But it will be something worth it.

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