The Desperate Soul

Reaching out into the void, hoping for some connection. We all do it. Yearning for that lasting companion to travel with. To travel life, not necissarily some distant location. To travel the roads that you walk. To understand you in some fashion that gets you. You and I, everyone does this. Sometimes we are just too busy, sometimes we’re afraid, sometimes we’re just one of the many loney, or hopeless-romantic. Each individual on the face of the Earth will still look for that companionship.

It’s a simple thing, but not always so simple to find it. Some find it quickly, easily, and without really trying. Some have to work at it. And those few who are too far distant to really be reached by anyone. At what point does the current carry someone too far from being reached? When is someone rejected because of thier distance?

We still reach, everyday someone reached out to another. Everyday, someone is taking hope, while another gives it. Everyday, somone is hurt, while another is endowed with love. Everyday our lives are ruined, or better because of another. How fragile the world can be. So important these connections can be, that some have taken their lives because of it.

Connections aren’t always romance, or sex, or love. It may simply be a friend, an associate, or someone that you meet. The way you present yourself, the way you are, and who you are in question. Yet we will continue to reach.

How desperate the soul that reaches and never touches, the one that is lost in the void and no one noticed. It isn’t that they weren’t noticed, someone saw, someone heard. Just they were too distant to reach, or reach back. The soul that reaches and never finds, is desperate indeed. In thier desperation, they capsize any that try to be near. Clothing failures in destiny instead of fate.

How desperate the soul that is seen, and heard, but never reaches out. They seek solace and drown among the others. They are reached at and pawed at like they were everyone elses play thing. Only there for the amusement is it? This desperate soul will find companions with whom they don’t wish to be.

Reach out further and further, till you can’t reach anymore. It will come, it will. Believe this and try. You never really know. The desperate soul that reaches with a liars hand, will never be true. You may reach out, even feel how tangible it is. The desperate soul is a liar, and in your grasp is nothing but the air they breathed with words of make-believe.

Desperate the soul, who slaps the hands away, who pushes any who reach. They are damaged, and worried what you may bring. But desperate the soul because they don’t know what you may bring. This desperate soul hopes to stand on their own, and walk their path. Not realizing they need to reach out. It isn’t weakness, it isn’t strength. It is a connection they fail to make.

Desperate the souls indeed. Reaching and reaching, hoping and praying to their God. they are desperate indeed. So are we all, in this journey of life. But how desperate the souls that are in need.



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