The Devil

I understand pain. I understand suffering. I understand despair, depravity, violence, sexuality, and everything between. I understand more than you think I would. You believe I am some demon, evil and twisted. Here I am world, holding nothing back. You don’t like it? Tough, life is full of things you’re not going to like.

I don’t pretend, I won’t hide what I feel. I will show you angry, I will show you the pain. I will show you and you won’t like what you see. It is as it is, raw and unhindered. Why aren’t you more like me?

Don’t you hate the injustice? The disrespect? The lack consideration? Do you not feel angry? Of course you do, but it’s all perspective isn’t it? Not really, we know don’t we. We know it, we feel it and we burn it to the damn ground.

I understand.

I understand that anger, that resentment, and hostility. I understand the violence urges that well deep from within. Few would ever, but I know I can, and quite possibly will. I feel the wrath surging through my blood, and the fires are fully stoked. We’re going to burn together as long as there’s justice in it.

I don’t care if you’re someone’s family, I don’t care if you’re someone important, I won’t care when we’re in Hell together. I would rather see justice for what you are than to let it pass by. Bite my tongue, hold back the overwhelming destruction. Breathe.

I understand.

You have a life to live, you’re just living it. Blindly. Ignorance is not an excuse for stupidity, there is no excuse for injustice. It is clear. You feel it don’t you? You see it and what do you do? Pass it by? Take it and whine about it later? Why aren’t you like me? I don’t understand how any sit idle while it is there before them. What I may do is brutal, savage and completely inappropriate. It will make you vomit, or at least want to. It will make you weak in the knees, and have your world toppled upside down.

You will cast a glance and maybe see it. What I am doing is paltry to what lay ahead. What I may do is send you packing. Or maybe I will do nothing at all. What is justice after-all if not blind? Don’t excuse it, face it, sit and watch, because you need to see it. You should be disgusted, revolted, and sickened. To understand, that all I seek is a justice done.

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