Truth of Hope

Through my life I have hoped on many, many things. To rely on it was poor decisions. You cannot rely on hope. It is and will always be a let down when you rely on it. Hope will crush your heart, break your soul, and destroy your world if you expect in it. The truth of hope is it is only a vision, a lucid dream of desire and want.

I can’t say that hope is all bad, it is a light in dark times. It is a shimmer of brightness for something better. However, if you just expect it to do your work for you, then you’re going to be made a fool. Hope is not truth. The truth is you’re drowning, and nothing is really able to save you, but you.

You can’t rely on the person next to you to do it for you. You can’t rely on your friends to save you. The only one that saves you is you. You choose not to dwell on the shit you can’t control. You choose to fight back, and give every tooth and nail. Let the blood fall and give ’em hell. You choose not to be a victim. You choose not to be dictated by others, or fate. You choose to make a difference, you choose to choose something else.

Whatever you decide for yourself is where you will always be. Because you’re comfortable there, or because you’re simply too afraid that something unknown will happen. You decide that you resign yourself to an abyss of darkness or/and depravity. You choose to become what you despised. You choose to let the world shape you. You choose to become a broken void, a chasm that swallows the world whole.

Whatever you choose. You decide, the only difference between them is the hope you have behind them. Those without hope can fall to the darker paths, while those who maintain that glimmer are choosing to keep hope alive. What do you hope for? What do you choose to make happen? What do you put effort into making happen?

Hope in your choices, and hope that things work out. Hope that the tomorrow will be better, or maybe just next week. Whatever you hope, you must endure. Hope is only a light, a vision of better things, but without the willpower, the choice, and the effort. Hope is nothing but dreams.

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