Who am I?

Who are you? Who am I? I am a believer. A philosopher, an idea. I am a consciousness,  a form of thought brought about to a singular perspective. I am the ties that bind the different senses into one being of whole perspective and objectifications. I am a human being, just like you.

Am I the sum of what I have done? I have lied to those I loved, I have hurt those I cared for. I have cheated, stolen, robbed, and worse. Are you any better? I have been there when no one else was, I was the words of inspiration when they were needed most, I was the quiet whisper that guided someone back from the edge, I was the shoulder that tears stained, I was the mystery that gave hope then disappeared, I was the man who helped and didn’t ask a thing in return. I was the friend, the lover, the son, and in some ways father.

I was the heartless, the soulless the egotistical and full of malice. I was the narcissist, the deceiver, and the damned. I was the homeless, the vagrant, the wanderer and the downtrodden. I was the wealthy, the privileged, and gifted. I was the soldier, the warrior, and the saint. I was justice, I was protection and people sought me out. I was guidance, educator, and learner. I was the prisoner, the target, the animal.

I was the boy, the teen and young man. I am the ignorant, and the unaware. I am the fool, the jester, the comedian for a laugh. I was the idiot, the cruel, the worlds worst. I was a man who watched. I was a man who did something. I was the one who came around and you wondered where I have been. I am the ghost that is hidden from view, the shadow that creeps up behind.

I am the follower of truth, the seeker, the wise. I am the experienced, the methodical, the thought provoker, the thinker. I am the scientist, the spiritualist, the ever questioning. I am the darkness, and the light, and walk the greys between. I know this much of who I am, how much do you know of you? Who are you?

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