Inspiration – My Story

I’m writing to you, my story, to inspire hope. However, you don’t know who I am from anyone else. What makes me so special? I don’t find my story special. I don’t see the inspiration that others do in them.

I was a normal kid of a large family. My mother died when I was 12 from a car accident. My family had a strict religious background. I wasn’t a believer. I just saw things differently. However it caused some troubles as a youth, and the straw that ended up breaking the camel’s back; watching a rated “R” movie in the house. For this choice, I was driven to a homeless shelter. I was aware of the consequences, they had warned me. I was 18 and I knew nothing about life.

I struggled for a little over 10 years. I struggled to find myself, to keep a job, to maintain a semblance of sanity. Even struggled through 4 years of college. I would just go to college when homeless. Or, I went to work while still homeless, and to college. Found my way to see my graduation. There is so much I am not telling. There are things I faced, people that were more harm than good, and a deep darkness that many have never witnessed.

There were times I didn’t see the proverbial light at the end of a tunnel. I struggled in ways that other people have never had to. I have witnessed things that I will never mention.  I have fought for every step. I also was walking around 2,000 miles per year. I am now thirty-seven. I have a job, a home, and even a vehicle. I have friends who stuck through the hard-times, and many who didn’t. I may pass you on the street and you wouldn’t guess what I have been through.

What I have survived is not inspiring events. These are my challenges and my own personal struggles. These things broke me.  They shaped me in ways that I never thought it would. I have been completely suicidal. They ruined me from people, they broke my spirit, and drove me to places so dark that the world was ugly and cold.

I did survive. I made my path, and continue to do so now. The truth is that I fight. I fight for every step, even still. I fight to make my life better step by step. I choose to make something better than I had found it. I choose to make a difference in others’ lives. I choose to be a better impact than was given to me. Not because I should but because I know what it was when someone wasn’t.

I fight to be an example of things that I found to be the best parts of people. The leader that digs in with you and pushes you further. The crazy person who somehow makes your day better when you didn’t know it could, just because I made you smile. I try to be better than I was yesterday is my continued effort. Along with my goal:

My goal is to change one person’s life, so drastically that it changes the rest of their life for the better. I don’t know if I have succeeded, I don’t want to know. I will just keep trying to do so even if I complete it. By doing this, I hope that that person will only flow out the better that they have, and so onward it ripples outward changing the world to be just a little better.

We all have had reasons to hate, to give up, to break down and cry. We have all faced demons that we don’t mention, and those things we do. We have all faced the hardship, struggle and pain. The misery, the depression, the anguish. We’ve faced our lives each day, some of you knowing your choices and responsibility to them. Some of you not so much. For me, my choice is mine. I will make my choices with purpose and intent.

Regardless, I made a choice of what my life was, I am part of it all, just as it is a part of me. I made choices that I knew were wrong. I made choices that hurt others. I made choices that put me into situations that I didn’t think I’d survive. I made choices that didn’t help me in the least. I made bad choices.

Yet, I made good ones. I choose to understand. I chose to grow, and develop from the places and situations I had been. I chose to be better than that, to be stronger, to continue to fight for those steps. I chose to not give up my hope in a better future. I chose to not let go of the future I could have. I chose not to be a victim of my life, or circumstance. I chose to let go of anything that wasn’t helping me, or others.

When you realize you have that power too, the power to decide for yourself. Decide who you’re going to be, decide how you’re going to act, decide what you will do. The reality is that is all you get to choose. You don’t control life, you shape it. You don’t control others, you influence them. You don’t always control where life takes you, you decide if you’re going to stay. I made choices.

In this life, regardless of how difficult it has been. Regardless of what happens, or what I must face in the future. The fact is that I still will always have a choice. I have a responsibility to that choice. As well as responsibility to the consequences of those, whether positive or negative. The choices I made are clear. So, let me ask you. What do you choose? Who do you choose to be today, tomorrow, in the future? What will you decide to do?

Regardless of what you choose to do with your life. You are responsible for your choices. You have a chance to make a choice today. You can choose to change your life or to make a change. You can choose to make a difference or do something that matters. You can choose to be better than you were yesterday, but know that you have that choice now.

I made a choice to work toward my future. I found work here with Steve Down Companies, and I have talked with Steve. Steve’s vision of the future for all of his companies is a vision I admire.

The future I found through working with Financially Fit is something I do believe in.  Steve’s causes are causes I stand with as an employee, and as a person. We give back to our community. We push a real difference in people’s lives, and we are building a community. Steve Down’s community consists of individuals, families, and businesses.  We want to inspire hope, vision, and direction, but the best part is this community, is worldwide. I would suggest you consider joining our community, and see for yourself. However, as always, it’s your choice.


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