Music for the Soul

What is it about music that speaks to our core unlike any other medium. It speaks in a different way than video, or written word can. It presents a melody, tempo, and rhythm. It presents organized sounds in the form of song, and we listen. We have our favorite melodies, and songs, we have a favorite genre that seems to define our personality a little more.

So, what is it about music that fills our minds, body, and soul? Of all sounds, and mediums of art, it has been the single biggest for everyone. For thousands of years and diversity of region, culture, and time, we have developed so many forms of music. Hard Rock, Rap, Metal, Ska, Punk, Alternative, Pop, Hip-Hop, Classical, Folk, Country, and more. It’s music that speaks because the tones, and melody has a feeling and presence that we feel inward. An emotion, speaking to emotion.

It’s been interesting to understand different music, to learn to appreciate different variety of music, even if it isn’t in your preferred taste. I recall the time I learned to do this. It wasn’t my music appreciation class, although it showed me a way to analyze music, and to understand composition, it was through my brother, and his listening to country music.

When I was young, I had to share a room with my older brother. He fell asleep at night to the country station, and I didn’t like country at all. After nearly a month of lack of sleep, and lots of hours listening to music I didn’t like, I heard a song, and thought, “well I like this one over that last one.” It hit me like a Mack Truck going 60. I liked some songs of country over others.

I was so amazed to realize, that I enjoyed music I hadn’t liked. I just hadn’t heard the songs enough to know what I liked out of that genre. So, my appreciation grew. I have since listened to a variety, (here comes a cheap plug) I wanted to promote an artist that I found. He goes by the name of MyKey.

MyKey, was also the name of a musical artist quite a few years ago, but didn’t really take off. So when searching, make sure to find the most recent. Here’s a link to the one I am speaking of here. The reason I feel the want to promote an artist I have never met, is because this individual puts himself on the line along with many others.

They aren’t making millions like many artists we hear on the radio, and although he doesn’t stand out in that way, his song “Faces”, spoke to me. I recommend you give his music a try. Maybe you can appreciate his effort. It’s funny that someone so random, who put himself into his music and put it out, exposing his soul to the world wide web. This could be frightening, or maddening knowing you’re  vulnerable to the critics of the world. But if I can say one thing, it’s that if you can try to appreciate someone for their own personal art. Regardless, of your own personal value. Then you are one step closer to really appreciating every day of your life. Appreciate the bad, with the good. For in it you would not know the value of the good.

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