What Dreams May Come

The dreams we have are special. They are uniquely attributed to us. Our personal desires, vision, and hopes. We continue to pursue them even after countless failures. The imagination of our minds inspire us with that hope and vision, and we reach out to it each day trying to press forward toward those dreams.

It’s interesting to me, to even dream. I used to dream about many things, and those were one by one shattered in some way. For instance, when my mother was alive, I dreamed of living with her, and going to school, and being around her. Still, it shattered as did many others with her death. The broken dreams lay scattered at my feet, and I looked up realizing there was nothing else I was dreaming about. Like looking at an empty frame of a broken mirror.

After her death, I had many moments of inward reflection. To think of what I thought I knew, and wipe that away like a dry erase board. I had to look at everything in a new and very different way. Some might say that I matured early, (something my father always wanted [probably for good reasons]) but my maturation wasn’t about being like an adult. It was a look inward and realizing I knew nothing.

I created new dreams, only to have many of those broken too. By death, or just the changes that I had to endure from life. One might say “I give up!” However, that isn’t for me, or my dreams. The problem with dreams is they are easily broken. They are a hope, a small fragment of belief and desires. They are us in a vulnerable way because they are unseen, dreams remain dreams until created into reality.

I used to dream about “the normal life”. My life was seemingly anything but, and I just want to be normal. While I was anything but. It’s hard to see that some dreams just are not obtainable, and some are simple fantasy. Such as a relationship with your favorite movie star, or flying. Though even some those fantasies have been reached by a few. Yet, every single individual dreams of something.

What is it about a dream that makes everything have purpose and meaning. A mission or goal, to accomplish or achieve. The struggles of life, even on the streets, can be dampening, or in some ways crushing to dreams. However, I urge you to press forward. Giving up on a dream is like giving up on yourself. While some may be shattered, broken, or even unobtainable, it’s our dreams that spur action.

Vision, combined with purpose is how creation is done. You want something, make it happen. You want to be rich, then purpose yourself with intent and move toward your goals. Some things may not be achievable. You may not be the next Mother Theresa, but you can still make a difference.  Dreams have a way of giving you a hope. A hope in a future that offers more than you have now.

Those dreams may seem so silly, stupid, or pointless. However, without those dreams, life would be silly, stupid, or pointless. Have you ever heard of lucid dreaming? Where an individual realizes in a dream state that they are in fact dreaming, and changes it. You have that power in reality. The only difference is reality is harder. Where it starts is in your heart and mind. You must decide for yourself what your dreams are, and what you will reach to obtain. Dream on my friends, dream on.



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