There is nothing quite like accomplishment. Take a brief moment to imagine a crowd before you. Thousands of people have gathered. Men, and women have gathered before you and in their screaming and applause you stand in your personal spotlight. The thunderous applause and roar of the crowd before you. That moment is a moment your pride can swell with accomplishment. Because it’s there before your very eyes. The proof the evidence is right in front of you, and deafening you with their voices.

Why is it that we fail to take this imagery with us? Why is it that we can’t see our own accomplishments, our own praise or recognition? We instead see our flaws, mistakes and failures so clearly. Like each time we look in the mirror we only see the scars, flaws, and marks instead of our higher qualities. Some may see their more admirable qualities, but the majority of people see the negative.

It’s because our flaws, mistakes, and failures stand out. Not that they are uncommon, on the contrary they are common, and we pick out those flaws easily. The mistake made etched out like a beacon in a dark night. It’s not intended to be, but because it’s standing out already, it’s just noticeable. For instance if you painted five lines in a row, straight and perfect, then one line was crooked, the one line is noticed, clear and defined as a wrong line, versus the work of the other five.

It’s interesting that we are so critical of our flaws, and mistakes. Although many are immutable, and forever carved into your path, they are noticed only because they stand out. While this may be the case, how many of you dwell on them? How many of you seek the flaws and pick at them till they are bleeding and gaping wounds? The truth may actually startle you. So many people all recognizing the wrong, and not the good, make it so easy to point it out.

It’s never been about the failure, nor the mistake, but the hopes that in recognizing our flaws, or mistakes, that somehow we might do better next time. The whole process of our learning and discovery of this world is built on mistakes, flaws, and failures. It’s only when we recognize them can we be certain to learn from them. How does one take the perception of accepting the mistakes and flaws.

I recommend the first step to be, accept you’re flawed. You’re imperfect and have made mistakes, and will continue to make others. You must acknowledge your imperfection and that you may never achieve that. It’s just a quirk, a noticeable one, but a quirk of humanity. We all are flawed, and the sooner we can accept that from one another, the sooner we can move on from those mistakes, flaws, and failures, and find our success, not just as an individual, but as society as a whole.

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