What you didn’t see before..

So many people have this kind of fear of death. Sometimes I want to laugh at those faithful religious zealots, still fearing the final moments. Why? They have the beliefs of life beyond, and yet the fear is unjustifiable. It’s a fear of doubt, it’s a fear of loss, a fear of judgement and damnation. I found that the fear of it, and the continued negative perspective to be obscene.

I tried to understand what people feared with death, only to realize (like many other subjects) I don’t see it the same. I have had to face the death of my mother, and my sister. I had to witness more than can be counted by a single hand, death. A few violent, a few OverDoses, an accident, and a couple that were closer than words could give credit to. I seem no longer to have tears to weep for death.

My Dad will eventually follow, as will the rest of us. Continued cycles of life. A stream of lives that continue to flow onward beyond me. What does life matter in the stream? What does one life matter? Everything. The current is changed by lives, the flow directed by the many, eroding the world around us.  The most minor shift in the water brings a ripple that will displace the water surrounding it. Can you steal a pebble from a pond without making a single ripple?

We categorize death as tragic or a loss, and in a few cases it is. Before you think me too heartless understand that I know that every death only made me appreciate the time I have, regardless. It’s only a lesson of how quick it can happen, of how uncertain my future can be, and of how short life really is. I appreciate death.

I know of the ease of suffering that death can offer. The chance to be reunited is many people’s opinion. It offers a quiet solace of reflection or just nothing at all in opinion of others. But as you are starting to see, death is both good, and bad. It is a conclusion. If we did not know death, life would lose value. I hope you understand.

I hope you understand that I mock no one, nor the subject of death. But to iterate my own expression that it may not be as you thought it was. That the rational thought of death only stands firm, we will all die, and in so I hope you appreciate the opportunity you didn’t see before.


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