It has been said, “failure is not an option”. This statement while may be true in most dire of circumstances, is only true in those. Failure is the human trait. Consistently failing is what we as humans do most. We fail at many things. However, if we think of the primal man, and think if he stopped the first time he failed at fire, we wouldn’t be where we are. It is my belief that we should learn to fail.

Learn to fail? Why would someone do that? My answer is that learning to fail is learning how to deal with failure, how to cope with failure, and how to move on from failure. Dealing with, and coping with failure is often the worst part. Broken bits of our lives, or the entire proverbial castle comes tumbling down, because of failure. We failed doing, acting, or thinking in some way that caused a downfall. Whether large or small we fail constantly.

The difference between a success and a failure isn’t the failing. It’s perseverance, to stick through the difficulty of a downfall and climb your way back. Regardless of how far the fall was, the successful people are the ones whom get back up, and do what they need to do to climb their personal mountain. Success doesn’t have to be in a monetary medium, success is defined differently for each individual. For some it may be the progress of family, and another may see it in material possession, while another could simply be liquid cash flow. Regardless, success is only achieved by failures.

Learning from those mistakes, missteps, and downfalls. Sometimes it may not even be a recoverable fall in the same way. For instance a divorce that causes your family separation is not usually recoverable. It’s a matter then of finding a new path for yourself. Looking ahead and finding new strategies, and new ways to direct your life and goals. Life isn’t over because of failure, no matter how far the fall.

Mistakes and problems will continue to plague life, but the idea that you learn more from any failure than success, is true. You will retain more wisdom, and more insight from a failure, and if you analyze it from different directions you might learn another slew of information on how it went wrong. Scientists have used failure through continued efforts and practice. Using scientific methods they form a hypothesis, and test that hypothesis, and run more and more, each a possible significant failure but each giving more and more insight into the mechanics of how it really works.

We often disapprove of a failure, or hold such a negativity towards failing that people are often afraid of failing. When fear is in play with any aspect of life, it becomes the controller, not you. You always have a chance to decide, to make a choice, about almost everything. I just hope as you see your choices spread before you, that you’re understanding that eventually one of those will be ultimately a bad decision. One day, you may make a mistake, and you will fail.

I also hope that you might regard the failure with optimism. Understand that in the event of failure, you’ve been given a deep and profound lesson. One you take with you towards the future of your life. When you fail at something, how do you cope? How do you deal with failure? How do you move on from failure (if you even did)? I hope that when you fail next time, and you will, that maybe you can look at it from another perspective. Look at it from other angles, and learn all you can from it. Best regards.

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